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The Janeth Sallaby  Education Difference

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Our online courses are made with you in mind. They offer flexibility, virtual connections, online resources and continued support from your tutor or counsellor over the duration of your commitment. Let's talk and get you on the road to recovery.

Understanding Your Teenagers Online Course

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Improve Your Relationship with your Transitioning Teen

You have noticed the changes in your teen such as the mood swings, bad attitude, communication breakdown. This you may have attributed as hormonal changes but there is more to understand. This course investigates changes that occur due to brain development. You will discover ways to understand your teens perception of the adult world, interact and communicate with your teen more effectively and support your teen into their next life stage adulthood. Let's talk.

Family Counselling

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Family Matters

Your family may be in a transitional stage and finding circumstances challenging. The development of your family during this time may be hindered by not being able to cope with the situation it could be dealing with bereavement, loss of finances, children entering adolescence, inclusion of a special needs child. Whatever, your stage we are able to help. We work with you to implement strategies that will enhance your family's wellbeing. Let's talk.

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Individual Counselling

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Your Wellbeing Matters

Are you struggling to cope with a situation and finding it hard to concentrate, sleep and even eat? Relationships are breaking down and you find yourself crying often. It's too much to handle and you don't know what to do. If this is how you are feeling, you require support in addressing the areas of your life that is affecting your holistic wellbeing. We can aid in your recovery by helping you find solutions that will enhance and benefit your personal growth. Let's Talk.

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Janeth Sallaby  Education

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